Science parks in Japan and their value-added contributions to new technology-based firms

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This study investigates the value-added contributions of science parks to new technology-based firms (NTBFs). In particular, we focus on whether on-park NTBFs are likely to establish knowledge linkage, represented as joint research, with local higher education institutes (HEIs). Based on a bivariate probit model, we show that on-park NTBFs exhibit a higher propensity to engage in joint research with research institutes. However, the geographical range of knowledge linkage is not localized as hypothesized. Furthermore, no significant difference was found between science parks and other types of property-based initiatives with regard to the degree of encouragement provided to tenants to establish localized HEI linkage.

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JournalInternational Journal of Industrial Organization
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  • Innovation
  • Joint research
  • New technology-based firms
  • Science parks

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