Scintillation Characteristics of Mg²-Codoped Y0.8Gd2.2(Al-Ga)O12:Ce Single Crystals

Weerapong Chewpraditkul, Nakarin Pattanaboonmee, Warut Chewpraditkul, Ongsa Sakthong, Akihiro Yamaji, Kei Kamada, Shunsuke Kurosawa, Akira Yoshikawa, Winicjusz Drozdowski, Marcin E. Witkowski, Tomasz Szczesniak, Martyna Grodzicka, Marek Moszynski

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Scintillation characteristics of Y0.8Gd2.2 (Al5-xGax)O12:Ce,Mg ($x = 2.6$ and 3) single crystals are presented. At 662-keV $\gamma $-rays, the light yield of 35 600 photons/MeV obtained for Y0.8Gd2.2Al2Ga3O12:Ce,Mg is higher than that of 32 600 photons/MeV for Y0.8Gd2.2Al2.4Ga26O12:Ce,Mg. Scintillation decay components of 32.3 ns (52.4%) + 104 ns (47.6%) obtained for Y0.8Gd2.2Al2Ga3O12:Ce,Mg are faster than those of 11.5 ns (5%) + 51.2 ns (69%) + 302 ns (26%) obtained for Y0.8Gd2.2Al2.4Ga26O12:Ce,Mg. The coincidence time resolution of 336 and 389 ps was obtained, respectively, for Y0.8Gd2.2Al2Ga3O12:Ce,Mg-photomultiplier (PMT) and Y0.8Gd2.2Al2.4Ga26O12:Ce,Mg-PMT, in coincidence experiment with a BaF2-PMT detector. The radioluminescence yield at room temperature (RT) is comparable for both crystals while the yield below 130 K is about 20% higher for Y0.8Gd2.2Al2Ga3O12:Ce,Mg. Afterglow and thermally stimulated luminescence (TSL) below RT are also measured.

Original languageEnglish
Article number9007479
Pages (from-to)910-914
Number of pages5
JournalIEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science
Issue number6
Publication statusPublished - 2020 Jun


  • Coincidence time resolution (CTR)
  • Mg
  • YGAGG:Ceg
  • light yield (LY)
  • radioluminescence (RL)
  • scintillation decays
  • thermoluminescence


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