Scintillation characteristics of YAlO3:Pr perovskite single crystals

Krittiya Sreebunpeng, Patanachai Janthon, Weerapong Chewpraditkul, Tomasz Szczesniak, Martin Nikl, Akira Yoshikawa

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The luminescence and scintillation characteristics of YAlO3:Pr (0.05, 0.51 and 1.1 mol%) single crystals were investigated. At 662 keV γ-rays, the light yield of 22,290 ± 1150, 13,070 ± 650 and 13,240 ± 650 ph/MeV was obtained, respectively, for YAP:Pr (0.05%), YAP:Pr (0.51%) and YAP:Pr (1.1%). In scintillation decays the intensity of fast component (9–12 ns) becomes enhanced with increasing Pr concentration in the crystals. The time resolution at 511 keV annihilation quanta was measured for YAP:Pr-PMT detector in coincidence experiment with a BaF2-PMT detector. The time resolution of 357 ± 19, 333 ± 18 and 268 ± 15 ps was obtained, respectively, for YAP:Pr (0.05%), YAP:Pr (0.51%) and YAP:Pr (1.1%). High concentration of shallow traps in both YAP:Pr (0.51%) and YAP:Pr (1.1%) samples was evidenced by means of thermoluminescence in the 20–350 K temperature range. The lower light yield obtained for YAP:Pr (0.51%) can be caused by the enhanced delayed radiative recombination at Pr3+ luminescence centers.

Original languageEnglish
Article number110161
JournalOptical Materials
Publication statusPublished - 2020 Oct


  • Light yield
  • Scintillation decay
  • Thermoluminescence
  • Time resolution
  • YAP:Pr


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