Search for signatures of sterile neutrinos with Double Chooz

T. Abrahão, H. Almazan, J. C. dos Anjos, S. Appel, J. C. Barriere, I. Bekman, T. J.C. Bezerra, L. Bezrukov, E. Blucher, T. Brugière, C. Buck, J. Busenitz, A. Cabrera, M. Cerrada, E. Chauveau, P. Chimenti, O. Corpace, J. V. Dawson, Z. Djurcic, A. EtenkoH. Furuta, I. Gil-Botella, A. Givaudan, H. Gomez, L. F.G. Gonzalez, M. C. Goodman, T. Hara, J. Haser, D. Hellwig, L. Heuermann, A. Hourlier, M. Ishitsuka, J. Jochum, C. Jollet, K. Kale, M. Kaneda, M. Karakac, T. Kawasaki, E. Kemp, H. de Kerret, D. Kryn, M. Kuze, T. Lachenmaier, C. E. Lane, T. Lasserre, C. Lastoria, D. Lhuillier, H. P. Lima, M. Lindner, J. M. López-Casta no, J. M. LoSecco, B. Lubsandorzhiev, J. Maeda, C. Mariani, J. Maricic, J. Martino, T. Matsubara, G. Mention, A. Meregaglia, T. Miletic, R. Milincic, A. Minotti, D. Navas-Nicolás, P. Novella, L. Oberauer, M. Obolensky, A. Onillon, A. Oralbaev, C. Palomares, I. M. Pepe, G. Pronost, J. Reichenbacher, B. Reinhold, S. Schönert, S. Schoppmann, L. Scola, R. Sharankova, V. Sibille, V. Sinev, M. Skorokhvatov, P. Soldin, A. Stahl, I. Stancu, L. F.F. Stokes, F. Suekane, S. Sukhotin, T. Sumiyoshi, Y. Sun, C. Veyssiere, B. Viaud, M. Vivier, S. Wagner, C. Wiebusch, G. Yang, F. Yermia

Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

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We present a search for signatures of neutrino mixing of electron anti-neutrinos with additional hypothetical sterile neutrino flavors using the Double Chooz experiment. The search is based on data from 5 years of operation of Double Chooz, including 2 years in the two-detector configuration. The analysis is based on a profile likelihood, i.e. comparing the data to the model prediction of disappearance in a data-to-data comparison of the two respective detectors. The analysis is optimized for a model of three active and one sterile neutrino. It is sensitive in the typical mass range 5×10-3eV2≲Δm412≲3×10-1eV2 for mixing angles down to sin 22 θ14≳ 0.02. No significant disappearance additionally to the conventional disappearance related to θ13 is observed and correspondingly exclusion bounds on the sterile mixing parameter θ14 as a function of Δm412 are obtained.

Original languageEnglish
Article number775
JournalEuropean Physical Journal C
Issue number8
Publication statusPublished - 2021 Aug


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