Sedimentary block-in-matrix fabric affected by tectonic shear, Miocene Nabae complex, Japan

Soichi Osozawa, Terry Pavlis, Martin F.J. Flower

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Mélanges represent a significant part of the Miocene Nabae accretionary complex. Such mélanges show sheath folds with D1 axial plane pressure-solution cleavage, whereas the coherent unit shows asymmetric folding with D1 slaty cleavage. In addition, the mélanges are characterized by D1 asymmetric shearing, which includes both thrust and right-lateral-sense components, in contrast to D1 pure shear that characterizes the coherent unit. Thus, this tectonic style acted on the climax of prism development can be referred to as a tectonic mélange. However, because the D1 shear displacement is almost negligible, D0 normal faults and basaltic dikes, operated when matrix sediments were not consolidated, are not disrupted. Oceanic materials such as basalt and chert cannot be incorporated into terrigenous matrix, given the small displacement associated with the D1 shearing. Exotic blocks of chert and sandstone show D minus 1 (D-1) cleavage, which is apparent in the older, probably Eocene, accretionary prism. When this prism was exhumed, it supplied debris to the Miocene trench, and then underwent additional D1 deformation, which included the above asymmetric shearing. This sedimentary and two-way-street tectonic process was recycled within the prism as the latter developed. Thus, as the block-in-matrix fabric was originally sedimentary and labeled D0, the tectonic mélange process that forms block-in-matrix fabric is only conjectural for the Nabae complex. Also it is suggested that these deformations are not progressive nor distinctive for each other.

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