Sleeveresection of the left main bronchus for bronchogenic carcinoid for preserving lung parenchyma

Hiroyuki Oura, Itaru Ishida, Hiromichi Niikawa, Yoshiaki Mori, Kenji Ube, Tomomi Sasajima, Nobukazu Tomichi, Masashi Handa

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We performed bronchoplasty for a bronchogenic tumor of low-grade malignancy without lung parenchyma resection. A 69-year-old man visited our hospital in March 2008 because of cough. Chest computed tomography (CT) revealed atelectasis of the entire left upper lobe and a 2-cm mass with strong contrast enhancement in the lumen of the left main bronchus. Bronchoscopy identified a polypoid mass in the left main bronchus, about 3 cm distal to carina, obstructing the lumen. Biopsy led to a diagnosis of typical carcinoid tumor. Surgery : Thoracotomy showed complete atelectasis of the left upper lobe. After lymph node dissection, resection of the left main bronchus including the site of tumor origin was performed. From the extent of expansion, the left upper lobe was decided to be possible to be spared, and end-to-end anastomosis of the bronchus was performed. Postoperative respiratory rehabilitation resulted in improved aeration of the left upper lobe and markedly improved respiratory function. CONCLUSION: The judgment of whether the long-standing atelectatic left upper lobe could be spared or not was a key in choosing this procedure.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)795-799
Number of pages5
JournalKyobu geka. The Japanese journal of thoracic surgery
Issue number9
Publication statusPublished - 2010 Aug
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