Spin-wave spin current in magnetic insulators

Ken ichi Uchida, Hiroto Adachi, Yousuke Kajiwara, Sadamichi Maekawa, Eiji Saitoh

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A spin wave is a collective motion of a magnetic moment in magnetically ordered materials. Although spin waves have been known and investigated for many years, recent research has revealed that the spin wave plays an important role in spintronics as a carrier of spin current, that is, a flow of spin angular momentum. Such a spin-wave spin current is available in magnetic insulators even in the absence of conduction electrons, and thus opens a new route for investigating spintronic phenomenon in magnetic insulators. In this article, we review recent progress in insulator spintronics.

Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationSolid State Physics - Advances in Research and Applications
PublisherAcademic Press Inc.
Number of pages27
Publication statusPublished - 2013

Publication series

NameSolid State Physics - Advances in Research and Applications
ISSN (Print)0081-1947


  • Magnons
  • Spin current
  • Spin Hall effect
  • Spin Seebeck effect
  • Spin waves
  • Spintronics


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