System concentration shift as a regulator of transcription-translation system within liposomes

Toshiki Akui, Kei Fujiwara, Gaku Sato, Masahiro Takinoue, Shin ichiro M. Nomura, Nobuhide Doi

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Biochemical systems in living cells have their optimum concentration ratio among each constituent element to maintain their functionality. However, in the case of the biochemical system with complex interactions and feedbacks among elements, their activity as a system greatly changes by the concentration shift of the entire system irrespective of the concentration ratio among elements. In this study, by using a transcription-translation (TX-TL) system as the subject, we illustrate the principle of the nonlinear relationship between the system concentration and the activity of the system. Our experiment and simulation showed that shifts of the system concentration of TX-TL by dilution and concentration works as a switch of activity and demonstrated its ability to induce a biochemical system to confer the permeability of small molecules to liposomes. These results contribute to the creation of artificial cells with the switch and provide an insight into the emergence of protocells.

Original languageEnglish
Article number102859
Issue number8
Publication statusPublished - 2021 Aug 20


  • Biological sciences
  • Cell biology
  • Systems biology


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