The Subaru/XMM-Newton deep survey (SXDS). III. X-ray data

Yoshihiro Ueda, Michael G. Watson, Ian M. Stewart, Masayuki Akiyama, Axel D. Schwope, Georg Lamer, Jacobo Ebrero, Francisco J. Carrera, Kazuhiro Sekiguchi, Tohru Yamada, Chris Simpson, Günther Hasinger, Silvia Mateos

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We present the X-ray source catalog in the Subaru/XMM-Newton deep survey. A continuous area of 1.14 deg2 centered at R.A. = 02 h18m and decl. = -05° is mapped by seven pointings with XMM-Newton covering the 0.2-10 keV band. From the combined images of the EPIC pn and MOS cameras, we detect 866, 1114, 645, and 136 sources with sensitivity limits of 6 × 10-16, 8 × 10-16, 3 × 10-15, and 5 × 10-15 ergs cm-2 s-1 in the 0.5-2, 0.5-4.5, 2-10, and 4.5-10 keV bands, respectively, with detection likelihood ≥7 (corresponding to a confidence level of 99.91%). The catalog consists of 1245 sources in total including 32 extended-source candidates. The averaged log NY-log S relations are in good agreement with previous results, bridging the flux range between Chandra deep surveys and brighter surveys. The log N-log S relations show significant spatial variation among pointings on a scale of 0.2 deg2. Analyzing the autocorrelation function, we detect significant clustering signals from the 0.5-2 keV band sample, which can be fit with a power-law form (θ/θc) -0.8 with a correlation length of θc = 5.9 -0.9+1.0 arcsec when the integral constraint term is included. In the 2-10 keV band, however, the clustering is not significant with a 90% upper limit of θc < 1.5″.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)124-141
Number of pages18
JournalAstrophysical Journal, Supplement Series
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 2008 Nov


  • Catalogs
  • Diffuse radiation
  • Galaxies: active
  • X-rays: galaxies
  • X-rays: general


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