Tight-binding quantum chemical molecular dynamics of oxygen migration of rh-supporting CeO2 Surfaces

Ai Suzuki, Ryuji Miura, Nozomu Hatakeyama, Akira Miyamoto

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The electronic properties of the interface between Rh clusters and CeO2 (111), (110) and (100) surfaces were studied using an isothermal-isobaric (NPT) ensemble at 773 K and 101.343 kPa using the tight binding-quantum chemical molecular dynamics (TB-QCMD) method. The amount of electronic exchange by interaction at the interface between the supported Rh55 clusters and each CeO2 surface was investigated quantitatively. A comparison of the mean square displacement (MSD) showed that the topmost oxygens on the Rh-supporting CeO2 surface exhibited higher mobility than those of the bare CeO2 surface. Although the mobility of the topmost oxygens on the bare CeO2 surface was in the order (100) > (110) > (111), this sequence was altered by the presence of Rh, so that the oxygen mobility for the more open (110) surface was the largest. The amount of electron exchange that occurred between Rh and the CeO2 (110) surface was also larger than for the (111) or (100) surface. The Ce 4f orbitals on the CeO2 (110) surface exhibited the strongest mixing with Rh 4d orbitals, which simultaneously caused restructuring and instability of the topmost Ce-O bonds. This enhancement of oxygen migration in the presence of Rh was occurred together with an increase in the number of oxygen vacancies on the ceria surface. This was because the topmost oxygens was shifted to have a stronger affinity with Rh and thus formed stronger bonds with Rh than with Ce.

Original languageEnglish
Article number00807
JournalTwin Research and Human Genetics
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - 2014 Nov 6


  • Rh
  • surface chemistry
  • surface reaction


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