Vapor pressure measurements of AgBr by the Knudsen effusion method

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The vapor pressure of silver bromide (AgBr) liquid was measured by the Knudsen effusion method. The ratio of the vapor species of silver bromide was calculated from the literature Hildenbrand and Lau, Pankratz [3,6], and the vapor pressures were calculated on the basis of the ratio. As reported in the literature Hildenbrand and Lau [3], we considered the vapor species to be monomers (AgBr) and trimers (Ag3Br3). The partial pressures of AgBr [pmonomer(Pa)] and Ag3Br3 [ptrimer(Pa)] were respectively fitted by the following linear equations over the temperature range 829.9–929.9 K: lnpmonomer= -(23590 ± 519) / T + 25.22 ± 0.59, ln(ptrimer) = -(19449 ± 509) / T + (20.42 ± 0.58). The total vapor pressure of silver bromide [ptotal(Pa)] fitted the following linear equation: ln(ptotal) = -(21653 ± 529) / T + (23.72 ± 0.60).

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JournalThermochimica Acta
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  • Knudsen effusion method
  • Silver bromide
  • Vapor pressure
  • Vapor species

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