X-ray elastography by visualizing propagating shear waves

Chika Kamezawa, Tomokazu Numano, Yoshihiko Kawabata, Hiroyasu Kanetaka, Maiko Furuya, Kotone Yokota, Hidemi Kato, Akio Yoneyama, Kazuyuki Hyodo, Wataru Yashiro

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Elastography, an imaging modality for mapping elastic modulus in soft viscoelastic materials, has been developed using magnetic resonance imaging and ultrasound imaging, but few studies were reported on using X-ray imaging. We report on dynamic X-ray elastography, which relies on shear-wave propagation. We pneumatically vibrated polyacrylamide gel phantoms and obtained two-dimensional maps of storage and loss moduli, which were determined from temporal variation in displacement vectors of the vibrating particles in the phantoms. Our experiment provided storage moduli with a precision of 30% and a spatial resolution was one order of magnitude higher than other imaging modalities.

Original languageEnglish
Article number042004
JournalApplied Physics Express
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - 2020 Apr 1

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