A new motion management method for lung tumor tracking radiation therapy

Noriyasu Homma, Masao Sakai, Haruna Endo, Masatoshi Mitsuya, Yoshihiro Takai, Makoto Yoshizawa

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We propose a new motion management method for lung tumor tracking radiotherapy by using a novel time series prediction technique. In radiotherapy, the target motion often affects the conformability of the therapeutic dose distribution delivered to thoracic and abdominal tumors, and thus tumor motion monitoring systems have been developed. Even we can observe tumor motion accurately, however, radiotherapy systems may inherently have mechanical and computational delays to be compensated for synchronizing dose delivery with the motion. For solving the delay problem, we develop a novel system to predict complex time series of the lung tumor motion. An essential core of the system is an adaptive prediction modeling with a phase locking technique by which time-varying cyclic dynamics is transferred into a time invariant one. Simulation studies demonstrate that the proposed system can achieve a clinically useful high accuracy and long-term prediction of the average error 1.05 ± 0.99 [mm] at 1 [sec] ahead prediction.

ジャーナルWSEAS Transactions on Systems
出版ステータスPublished - 2009

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