A novel ultrasonic method for measuring minute sinusoidal displacement by network analyzer

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We developed a method for generating continuous sinusoidal displacements of an object to estimate viscoelastic parameters. However, the amplitude of the displacement caused by the ultrasonic excitation force under safe guidelines was small (a few micrometers), and it was difficult to stably measure the displacement. Therefore, to stably measure the amplitude of sinusoidal displacement as small as the order of micrometers, we proposed a novel method using a network analyzer. Ultrasonic waves were irradiated using an ultrasonic transducer on an object vibrating sinusoidally. The S parameter of the first reflected wave received from the surface of the object was measured using a network analyzer. The S parameter and the inverse Fourier transform were formulated theoretically, and the amplitude of the sinusoidal displacement of the object was estimated from the amplitude characteristics of the inverse Fourier-transformed signal. The proposed method was applied to measure sinusoidal displacements on the order of micrometers from 10 to 300 Hz on an object using a water tank experiment. The obtained sinusoidal displacement agreed well with the reference values measured using a laser displacement meter. The proposed method can accurately measure minute sinusoidal displacements that occur on an object.

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