An Ionizable Lipid Material with a Vitamin E Scaffold as an mRNA Vaccine Platform for Efficient Cytotoxic T Cell Responses

Ryotaro Oyama, Harumichi Ishigame, Hiroki Tanaka, Naho Tateshita, Moeko Itazawa, Ryosuke Imai, Naomasa Nishiumi, Jun Ichi Kishikawa, Takayuki Kato, Jessica Anindita, Yoshifumi Nishikawa, Masatoshi Maeki, Manabu Tokeshi, Kota Tange, Yuta Nakai, Yu Sakurai, Takaharu Okada, Hidetaka Akita

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RNA vaccines based on lipid nanoparticles (LNPs) with in vitro transcribed mRNA (IVT-mRNA) encapsulated are now a currently successful but still evolving modality of vaccines. One of the advantages of RNA vaccines is their ability to induce CD8+ T-cell-mediated cellular immunity that is indispensable for excluding pathogen-infected cells or cancer cells from the body. In this study, we report on the development of LNPs with an enhanced capability for inducing cellular immunity by using an ionizable lipid with a vitamin E scaffold. An RNA vaccine that contained this ionizable lipid and an IVT-mRNA encoding a model antigen ovalbumin (OVA) induced OVA-specific cytotoxic T cell responses and showed an antitumor effect against an E.G7-OVA tumor model. Vaccination with the LNPs conferred protection against lethal infection by Toxoplasma gondii using its antigen TgPF. The vitamin E scaffold-dependent type I interferon response was important for effector CD8+ T cell differentiation induced by the mRNA-LNPs. Our findings also revealed that conventional dendritic cells (cDCs) were essential for achieving CD8+ T cell responses induced by the mRNA-LNPs, while the XCR1-positive subset of cDCs, cDC1 specialized for antigen cross-presentation, was not required. Consistently, the mRNA-LNPs were found to selectively transfect another subset of cDCs, cDC2 that had migrated from the skin to lymph nodes, where they could make vaccine-antigen-dependent contacts with CD8+ T cells. The findings indicate that the activation of innate immune signaling by the adjuvant activity of the vitamin E scaffold and the expression of antigens in cDC2 are important for subsequent antigen presentation and the establishment of antigen-specific immune responses.

ジャーナルACS Nano
出版ステータス出版済み - 2023 10月 10


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