Application to open wound extraction socket of new bone regenerative material

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Objective: New bone regenerative material of octacalcium phosphate and collagen composite (OCPcol) has exhibited excellent operability and the bone regeneration surpassed other bone substitutes. However, it has never been to elucidate the application of OCPcol for open wound extraction socket, although the previous studies suggested that OCPcol inhibited bone resorption if implanted into the closed wound extraction sockets. Therefore, the present study investigated whether OCPcol would be applicable for open wound extraction sockets. Methods: The prepared OCPcol disks or nothing was implanted into the canine mandibular extraction sockets, and each group was closed watertight or left as an open wound. That is, the experimental groups were divided into four groups; OCPcol closed wound (OCPcol-C), OCPcol open wound (OCPcol-O), untreated closed wound (Unt-C), and untreated open wound (Unt-O). After 3 months of operation, radiomorphometric analyses was conducted by measuring alveolar cross-sectional areas of the 1/4 (Sq) and 1/2 (Sh) of the mandibular height near the alveolar apex. During the experimental periods, all animals were generally well and no eating disorders nor postoperative infections were observed including OCPcol-O. Results: The radiographic findings of prepared extraction sockets in each group were similarly occupied by uniform radiopaque images. However, the Sq of OCPcol-O was significantly more than other three groups, and the Sh of OCPcol-O and OCPcol-C were significantly more than those of Unt-C and Unt-O. Conclusions: These results suggest that it would be applicable to OCPcol for extraction sockets with an open wound.

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