Critical current density for filamentary (Nd, Eu, Gd)Ba2Cu 3Oy superconductors

Y. Hirata, T. Goto, K. Watanabe

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In order to study the effect of matrix composition in the filamentary (Nd, Eu, Gd)Ba2Cu3Oy ((Nd, Eu, Gd)123) superconductors on critical current density, we prepared three samples with various rare-earth ratios: (Nd0.33Eu0.38Gd 0.28)123 (sample A), (Nd0.33Eu0.33Gd 0.33)123 (sample B), (Nd0.33Eu0.08Gd 0.58)123 (sample C). The filamentary precursor was prepared by a solution-spinning method and partially melted in flowing 0.1%O2+Ar and 1%O2+Ar. The samples had well aligned texture along the filamentary diameter as well as the length except sample C processed in flowing 1%O2+Ar. The Tc value for the samples processed in flowing 0.1%O2+Ar is higher than that for 1%O2+Ar. The high Jc value more than 104 A/cm2 at 77 K and self-field is attained for samples A and B. The field dependence of J c for the samples was measured at 77 K up to 14 T by changing the angle along the filament diameter. The anisotropic behavior of the J c-B curve was detected. The Jc values and irreversibility field for the samples processed in flowing 0.1%O2+Ar are higher than those for 1%O2+Ar. By optimizing the angle for the samples, the highest Jc value of 3400 A/cm2 at 14 T was attained for sample A.

ジャーナルPhysica C: Superconductivity and its applications
出版ステータスPublished - 2004 10月

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