Development of a new neutron mirror made of deuterated Diamond-like carbon

Dai Sakurai, Junsei Chiba, Takashi Ino, Nobunori Kakusho, Naokatsu Kaneko, Ryo Katayama, Masaaki Kitaguchi, Kenji Mishima, Suguru Muto, Kazuhide Ozeki, Yoshichika Seki, Hirohiko M. Shimizu, Satoru Yamashita, Tamaki Yoshioka, Daiki Nishimura

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We developed a new neutron mirror made of Diamond-like carbon (DLC). DLC is a film of amorphous carbon that has characteristics of both diamond and graphite. We produced DLC mirrors by ionization deposition method which is one of the chemical vapor deposition (CVD). Generally, DLC made by CVD contents a few tens of percentages of hydrogen. It decreases the Fermi potential of the DLC coating because hydrogen has negative Fermi potential. In order to increase the Fermi potential of the coating, we deuterated the DLC by using deuterated benzene for the source gas. The characteristics of the deuterated DLC(DDLC) coating was evaluated by RBS, ERDA, x-ray reflectivity, AFM. As a result, DDLC coating has 243neV due to deuteration, which is the same level as Ni. The RMS of height of the DDLC was 0.6nm so that the DDLC coating can be applied for a focusing mirror or specular transportation of pulsed neutron. Besides, we also develop Hydrogen/Deuterium DLC multiple layer mirror. So far, 4 layers mirror has been succeeded.

ジャーナルJournal of Physics: Conference Series
出版ステータスPublished - 2014
イベントInternational Workshop on Neutron Optics and Detectors, NOP and D 2013 - Munich, Germany
継続期間: 2013 7月 22013 7月 5

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