Direct Esterification of Alkylcarbamic Acids with Alcohols over CeO2 Catalyst

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Alkylcarbamic acids, which are easily produced via chemical absorption of CO2 into amines, have a great potential to be substrates for producing value-added chemicals. In this research, the esterification of various alkylcarbamic acids with alcohols into alkyl N-alkylcarbamates was demonstrated by using a heterogeneous catalyst as well as the corresponding amine additives. In the model reaction, the esterification of benzylcarbamic acid (BZA-CA) and methanol (MeOH), the target product of methyl N-benzylcarbamate was obtained in 64 % CO2-based yield at 413 K in 12 h over a CeO2 catalyst, which also exhibited good reusability. In this catalytic system, the corresponding amine additive (i. e., benzylamine for BZA-CA) had the important role in the improvement of CO2-moiety-based balance, allowing the precise kinetic study, in contrast to the cases without such additive. The detailed kinetic study on the target catalytic system and control systems suggested that BZA-CA underwent the esterification by MeOH directly. The current catalytic system using the combination of CeO2 catalyst and corresponding amine additive was also demonstrated to be applicable to the synthesis of alkyl N-alkylcarbamates from alkylcarbamic acids and alcohols with short, linear alkyl chains (≤C3).

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