Elaborated subloading surface model for accurate description of cyclic mobility in granular materials

Koichi Hashiguchi, Tatsuya Mase, Yuki Yamakawa

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The description of the cyclic mobility observed prior to the liquefaction in geomaterials requires the sophisticated constitutive formulation to describe the plastic deformation induced during the cyclic loading with the small stress amplitude inside the yield surface. This requirement is realized in the subloading surface model, in which the surface enclosing a purely elastic domain is not assumed, while a purely elastic domain is assumed in other elastoplasticity models. The subloading surface model has been applied widely to the monotonic/cyclic loading behaviors of metals, soils, rocks, concrete, etc., and the sufficient predictions have been attained to some extent. The subloading surface model will be elaborated so as to predict also the cyclic mobility accurately in this article. First, the rigorous translation rule of the similarity center of the normal yield and the subloading surfaces, i.e., elastic core, is formulated. Further, the mixed hardening rule in terms of volumetric and deviatoric plastic strain rates and the rotational hardening rule are formulated to describe the induced anisotropy of granular materials. In addition, the material functions for the elastic modulus, the yield function and the isotropic hardening/softening will be modified for the accurate description of the cyclic mobility. Then, the validity of the present formulation will be verified through comparisons with various test data of cyclic mobility.

ジャーナルActa Geotechnica
出版ステータス出版済み - 2022 3月


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