Electric power supply systems that contribute to low-carbon society

Yasuo Sato, Tsuyoshi Shibata, Christian Bergins, Kenji Urase, Shuji Katoh

研究成果: 専門家出版物への寄稿学術論文


Overview: The creation of a low-carbon society requires the development of technologies for a range of different types of power generation including technologies for boosting their efficiency and cutting their greenhouse gas emissions. Forecasts of global energy demand up to 2035 anticipate that thermal, hydro, nuclear, and new energy sources will remain important. On this basis, Hitachi is working on research and development aimed at establishing technologies to support future power supply systems. These efforts include the development of technology for coal-fired power including CO2 capture and highly efficient gas turbines, measures aimed at the global deployment of nuclear power, maintaining the quality of power from wind and photovoltaic power plants connected to the grid, adjustable speed pumped storage hydro power systems, and smart grid technologies that facilitate the wider adoption of new sources of energy.

専門出版物Hitachi Review
出版ステータス出版済み - 2011 10月


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