Feedback of superconductivity on the magnetic excitation spectrum of UTe2

Stéphane Raymond, William Knafo, Georg Knebel, Koji Kaneko, Jean Pascal Brison, Jacques Flouquet, Dai Aoki, Gérard Lapertot

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We investigate the spin dynamics in the superconducting phase of UTe2 by triple-axis inelastic neutron scattering on a single crystal. At the wave-vector k1 ¼ ð0; 0:57; 0Þ, where the normal state antiferromagnetic correlations are peaked, a modification of the excitation spectrum is evidenced, on crossing the superconducting transition, with a reduction of the relaxation rate together with the development of an inelastic peak at Ω ≈ 1 meV. The low dimensional nature and the a-axis polarization of the fluctuations, that characterise the normal state, are essentially maintained below the superconducting transition. The high ratio Ω=kBTsc ≈ 7.2 contrasts with the most common behaviour in heavy fermion superconductors.

ジャーナルjournal of the physical society of japan
出版ステータスPublished - 2021 11月 15

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