Genetic variants associated with glaucomatous visual field loss in primary open-angle glaucoma

Fumihiko Mabuchi, Nakako Mabuchi, Yoichi Sakurada, Seigo Yoneyama, Kenji Kashiwagi, Zentaro Yamagata, Mitsuko Takamoto, Makoto Aihara, Takeshi Iwata, Kazuki Hashimoto, Kota Sato, Yukihiro Shiga, Toru Nakazawa, Masato Akiyama, Kazuhide Kawase, Mineo Ozaki, Makoto Araie

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Primary open-angle glaucoma (POAG) is characterized by a progressive optic neuropathy with visual field loss. To investigate the genetic variants associated with visual field loss in POAG, Japanese POAG patients (n = 426) and control subjects (n = 246) were genotyped for 22 genetic variants predisposing to POAG that can be classified into those associated with intraocular pressure (IOP) elevation (IOP-related genetic variants) and optic nerve vulnerability independent of IOP (optic nerve-related genetic variants). The genetic risk score (GRS) of the 17 IOP-related and five optic nerve-related genetic variants was calculated, and the associations between the GRS and the mean deviation (MD) of automated static perimetry as an indicator of the severity of visual field loss and pattern standard deviation (PSD) as an indicator of the focal disturbance were evaluated. There was a significant association (Beta = − 0.51, P = 0.0012) between the IOP-related GRS and MD. The severity of visual field loss may depend on the magnitude of IOP elevation induced by additive effects of IOP-related genetic variants. A significant association (n = 135, Beta = 0.65, P = 0.0097) was found between the optic nerve-related, but not IOP-related, GRS and PSD. The optic nerve-related (optic nerve vulnerability) and IOP-related (IOP elevation) genetic variants may play an important role in the focal and diffuse visual field loss respectively. To our knowledge, this is the first report to show an association between additive effects of genetic variants predisposing to POAG and glaucomatous visual field loss, including severity and focal/diffuse disturbance of visual field loss, in POAG.

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出版ステータスPublished - 2022 12月

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