High-risk area of hemolysis in the helical flow pump for total artificial heart

Kohei Ishii, Fumiya Katsuura, Akira Heya, Xinyang Li, Takashi Isoyama, Itsuro Saito, Yusuke Inoue, Masami Sato, Shintaro Hara, Sheng Yuan Wu, Hidemoto Nakagawa, Toshiya Ono, Kou Imachi, Yusuke Abe

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The helical flow pump (HFP) for the total artificial heart (TAH) has been developed. In the recent hemolysis test, normalized index of hemolysis (NIH) of HFP is 0.71 times of BioPump (BPX-80). Comparing to blood pumps in clinical field, further improvement is still significant task. Computational fluid dynamics analysis is carried out to determine risky area of the hemolysis in the flow passage except hydrodynamic bearing. And shear stress and duration along the stream lines which is regarded as a path of Red blood cells are analyzed. As the result, 0 deg and 180 deg of rotational angle where confluent or split-flow with large flow speed difference are clarified as risky area of hemolysis.

ジャーナルTransactions of Japanese Society for Medical and Biological Engineering
出版ステータスPublished - 2014 8月 17

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