Identification of Giant Mott Phase Transition of Single Electric Nanodomain in Manganite Nanowall Wire

Azusa N. Hattori, Yasushi Fujiwara, Kohei Fujiwara, Thi Van Anh Nguyen, Takuro Nakamura, Masayoshi Ichimiya, Masaaki Ashida, Hidekazu Tanaka

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In the scaling down of electronic devices, functional oxides with strongly correlated electron system provide advantages to conventional semiconductors, namely, huge switching owing to their phase transition and high carrier density, which guarantee their rich functionalities even at the 10 nm scale. However, understanding how their functionalities behave at a scale of 10 nm order is still a challenging issue. Here, we report the construction of the well-defined (La,Pr,Ca)MnO3 epitaxial oxide nanowall wire by combination of nanolithography and subsequent thin-film growth, which allows the direct investigation of its insulator-metal transition (IMT) at the single domain scale. We show that the width of a (La,Pr,Ca)MnO3 nanowall sample can be reduced to 50 nm, which is smaller than the observed 70-200 nm-size electronic domains, and that a single electronic nanodomain in (La,Pr,Ca)MnO3 exhibited an intrinsic first-order IMT with an unusually steep single-step change in its magnetoresistance and temperature-induced resistance due to the domains arrangement in series. A simple model of the first-order transition for single electric domains satisfactorily illustrates the IMT behavior from macroscale down to the nanoscale.

ジャーナルNano Letters
出版ステータスPublished - 2015 7月 8

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