Kaon and proton ratios from central Pb+Pb collisions at the CERN SPS

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K- / K+ and p̄/p ratios measured in 158 A·GeV Pb+Pb collisions are shown as a function of transverse momentum PT and centrality in top 8.5% central region. Little centrality dependence of the K- / K+ and p̄/p ratios is observed. The transverse mass mT distribution and dN/dy of K+, K-1, p and p around mid-rapidity are obtained. The temperature Tch and the chemical potentials for both light and strange quarks (μqs) at chemical freeze-out are determined by applying simple thermodynamical model to the present data. The resultant μq, μs and Tch are compared with those obtained from similar analysis of SPS S+A and AGS Si+A data. The chemical freeze-out temperature Tch at CERN energies is higher than thermal freeze-out temperature Tfo which is extracted from mT distribution of charged hadrons. At AGS energies Tch is close to Tfo.

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