Magnetic Properties of L10 FeNi Phase Developed Through Annealing of an Amorphous Alloy

Parmanand Sharma, Yan Zhang, Akihiro Makino

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Chemically ordered L10 FeNi phase observed in Fe-based meteorite has the potential to replace high-cost rare-earth-based permanent magnets in the future. However, artificial production of this phase is extremely difficult due to negligible atomic diffusion around order-disorder transition temperature (~320 °C). Here, we report a method for producing high-quality L10 FeNi phase and its magnetic properties. We show that a highly disordered metastable state, that is, amorphous can be utilized to produce a highly ordered state, which is not possible with the conventional processing techniques. Amorphous Fe42Ni41.3SixB12-xP4Cu0.7 ( x=0 to 8 at.%) alloy ribbons were studied. Crystallization of amorphous ribbons at 400 °C results in adequate atomic diffusion at low temperatures to precipitate L10 FeNi grains. Structural characterization revealed a high degree of chemical ordering (S ≥ 0.8 ), but the volume fraction of precipitated L10 grains is low. The crystallized ribbons of FeSiBPCu are composed of two magnetic phases (hard magnetic L10 FeNi grains embedded in a soft magnetic matrix). Alloys with higher concentration of Si are shown to produce high coercivity ( Hc ~ 700-750 Oe). The soft magnetic matrix strongly influences the Hc. The actual switching field (≥3.7 kOe) of L10 FeNi has been found to be much higher than that of Hc. In this paper, the L10 FeNi phase is shown to form at temperatures higher than the reported order-disorder temperature. Our results of temperature-dependent magnetization and thermal analyses suggest that the L10 FeNi phase can survive at temperatures ≤550 °C. The magnetization reversal mechanism was understood by angular dependence of Hc , and it is shown to be a domain-wall pinning type. Due to structural and magnetic similarities between L10 FeNi and L10 FePt, ribbon samples with low-volume fraction of L10 FePt grains in a soft magnetic matrix were prepared with a similar technique. Magnetization behavior of L10 FeNi is shown to be similar to that of L10 FePt.

ジャーナルIEEE Transactions on Magnetics
出版ステータス出版済み - 2017 11月


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