Measurement of fluctuations in the supersonic poloidal flow driven by a hot cathode

Y. Tanaka, H. Takahashi, H. Utoh, J. Shinde, M. Ogawa, K. Iwazaki, H. Aoyama, Atsushi Okamoto, K. Shinto, S. Kitajima, M. Yokoyama, S. Inagaki, Y. Suzuki, K. Nishimura, M. Sasao

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The density and potential fluctuations were measured in hot-cathode biasing plasma at the Tohoku University Heliac. In the improved mode, high-frequency fluctuations (>100 kHz) appeared in the density signal. On the other hand, low-frequency fluctuations (<100 kHz) in the density and potential signals were suppressed. The characteristics of high-frequency fluctuation were compared with three kinds of instability, and they were consistent with those of the flute instability driven by the supersonic poloidal rotation. The suppression of low-frequency fluctuations in improved mode is considered the effect of E × B poloidal rotation or its shear. The profile of the anomalous particle flux was estimated by analysing the low-frequency fluctuation signals. The flux decreased in the improved mode in most of the region, although the decrease in flux was small near the rational surface (n/m = 5/3).

ジャーナルPlasma Physics and Controlled Fusion
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出版ステータスPublished - 2006 5月

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