Mechanical properties and microstructures of cast dental ti-fe alloys

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Binary Ti-Fe alloys of varying concentrations of Fe between 5–25% were made, and their castings evaluated in terms of microstructures formed and mechanical properties. The aim of this study was to explore the composition of Ti-Fe alloys that offers improved wear resistance of titanium. X-ray diffraction and microstructural observation revealed that 5–7% Fe, 8–15% Fe, and 20–25% Fe consisted of α+β, single β, and β+Ti-Fe phases, respectively. The hardness of alloys with 8–13% Fe was almost equal to that of Co-Cr alloys but lower than of the other Ti-Fe alloys. Elongation of the Ti-Fe alloys was negligible. However, dimples were observed in specimen containing 7–11% Fe. Alloys with 9% Fe demonstrated the highest strength of more than 850 MPa. We believe that Ti-Fe alloys with 8–11% Fe may be applicable in development of an alloy with good wear resistance due to the exhibited properties of high hardness and ductility albeit low.

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