Porous NiTiNb alloys with superior strength and ductility induced by modulating eutectic microregion

Yintao Zhang, Jia Liu, Liqiang Wang, Daixiu Wei, Changxi Liu, Kuaishe Wang, Yujin Tang, Ling Zhang, Weijie Lu

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Porous metals are lightweight and multi-functional at the expense of strength and ductility, requiring post-heat treatment to elevate mechanical properties. In this study, we report porous NiTi-Nb alloys fabricated via laser powder bed fusion, which achieved a synergistic strength-ductility enhancement by modulating the eutectic microregion through heat treatment. After solution treatment with the aging process, porous NiTi-Nb alloys achieved ultra-high compressive strength (2 GPa) and good ductility (33%). Compared to the as-built sample, the strength was enhanced by 500 MPa, and the ductility was improved by 12%. The effect of heat treatment on the eutectic microregion and the mechanism of strengthening and toughening were revealed. In the as-built sample, β-Nb existed mainly in a mesh-like morphology, while in heat-treated samples, the mesh-like β-Nb was damaged and appeared in an independent morphology (sphere-like or rod-like). Compared to mesh-like β-Nb, independent β-Nb enabled the adjacent matrix to have a more favorable twinning orientation, which could effectively release strain energy through stress-induced martensitic transformation. Moreover, the internal dislocation density of mesh-like β-Nb was relatively low, while independent β-Nb had a superior capacity to store dislocations. During the strain accumulation, the staggered twins and Ti2Ni precipitates together provided a continuous strain hardening capability, which ultimately led to an ultra-high compressive strength. This work can provide inspiration for porous metals to achieve a combination of high porosity and outstanding mechanical properties.

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出版ステータスPublished - 2022 10月 15

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