Positron beam facility at Kyoto University Research Reactor

Q. Xu, K. Sato, T. Yoshiie, T. Sano, H. Kawabe, Y. Nagai, K. Nagumo, K. Inoue, T. Toyama, N. Oshima, A. Kinomura, Y. Shirai

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A positron beam facility is presently under construction at the Kyoto University Research Reactor (KUR), which is a light-water moderated tank-type reactor operated at a rated thermal power of 5 MW. A cadmium (Cd) - tungsten (W) source similar to that used in NEPOMUC was chosen in the KUR because Cd is very efficient at producing γ-rays when exposed to thermal neutron flux, and W is a widely used in converter and moderator materials. High-energy positrons are moderated by a W moderator with a mesh structure. Electrical lenses and a solenoid magnetic field are used to extract the moderated positrons and guide them to a platform outside of the reactor, respectively. Since Japan is an earthquake-prone country, a special attention is paid for the design of the in-pile positron source so as not to damage the reactor in the severe earthquake.

ジャーナルJournal of Physics: Conference Series
出版ステータスPublished - 2014
イベント13th International Workshop on Slow Positron Beam Techniques and Applications, SLOPOS 2013 - Munich, Germany
継続期間: 2013 9月 152013 9月 20

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