Progress and achievements of the BA activities in Rokkasho

Takeo Nishitani, Masayoshi Sugimoto, Shigeru Ohira, Toshihiko Yamanishi, Hiroyasu Tanigawa, Masaru Nakamichi, Kenji Tobita, Yasutomo Ishii, Takahisa Ozeki, Noriyoshi Nakajima, Hiroshi Matsumoto, Yoshikazu Okumura, Juan Knaster

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In Rokkasho Japan, the International Fusion Energy Research Center (IFERC) project and the International Fusion Materials Irradiation Facility/Engineering Validation and Engineering Design Activities (IFMIF/EVEDA) project are on going under the Broader Approach framework. The IFERC project consists of three sub-projects; a fusion demonstration reactor (DEMO) Design and R&D Coordination Center, a Computational Simulation Center (CSC), and an ITER Remote Experimentation Center (REC). DEMO Design activity has been conducted by the IFERC project team in Rokkasho and home teams in EU and JA. In the DEMO R&D activity, five R&D tasks mainly of the blanket materials are carried out intensively. A supercomputer with 1.23 Pflops of LINPAC performance has been installed in December 2011, the operation started in January 2012. Discussion of overall plan of REC has started in 2012 between EU and Japan. In the IFMIF/EVEDA project, an IFMIF prototype accelerator system up to 9 MeV with 125 mA CW deuteron beam will be installed and tested in Rokkasho. Major components of the accelerator are under development or fabrication in EU. The first component of the accelerator, an injector with an ECR ion source, will be delivered to Rokkasho in March 2013.

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