Quasi-elastic scattering of the proton drip line nucleus 17F on 12C at 60 MeV

G. L. Zhang, C. L. Zhang, H. Q. Zhang, C. J. Lin, D. Y. Pang, X. K. Wu, H. M. Jia, G. P. An, Z. D. Wu, X. X. Xu, F. Yang, Z. H. Liu, S. Kubono, H. Yamaguchi, S. Hayakawa, D. N. Binh, Y. K. Kwon, N. Iwasa, M. Mazzocco, M. La CommaraM. Romoli, C. Signorini

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The quasi-elastic scattering angular distribution of the proton drip line nucleus 17F on a 12C target was measured at 60 MeV. The experimental data have been compared with the theoretical analysis based onto optical model and continuum discretized coupled channels (CDCC). The couplings between breakup and elastic scattering channels, and between inelastic and elastic scattering channels resulted very weak. In order to explore the breakup effects the total reaction cross-section was deduced from the angular distribution of the quasi-elastic scattering data, and then compared with the existing data for the other weakly and tightly bound nuclei on 12C target using a universal function. From this comparison, we concluded that the breakup effect is not important for weakly bound projectiles on the light target as obtained also with the CDCC analysis.

ジャーナルEuropean Physical Journal A
出版ステータスPublished - 2012

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