Rab32/38-Dependent and -Independent Transport of Tyrosinase to Melanosomes in B16-F1 Melanoma Cells

Aya Nishizawa, Yuto Maruta, Mitsunori Fukuda

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B16-F1 melanoma cells have often been used as a model to investigate melanogenesis, but the evidence that melanosome biogenesis and transport occur by the same mechanisms in normal melanocytes and B16-F1 cells is insufficient. In this study, we established knockout B16-F1 cells for each of several key factors in melanogenesis, i.e., tyrosinase (Tyr), Hps4, Rab27A, and Rab32·Rab38 (Rab32/38), and then compared their phenotypes with the phenotypes of corresponding mutant mouse melanocyte cell lines, i.e., melan-c, melan-le, melan-ash, and Rab32-deficient melan-cht cells, respectively. The results showed that Tyr and Rab27A are also indispensable for melanin synthesis and peripheral melanosome distribution, respectively, in B16-F1 cells, but that Hps4 or its downstream targets Rab32/38 are not essential for Tyr transport in B16-F1 cells, suggesting the existence of a Rab32/38-independent Tyr transport mechanism in B16-F1 cells. We then performed comprehensive knockdown screening of Rab small GTPases and identified Rab10 and Rab24, previously uncharacterized Rabs in melanocytes, as being involved in Tyr transport under Rab32/38-null conditions. Our findings indicate a difference between the Tyr transport mechanism in melanocytes and B16-F1 cells in terms of Rab32/38-dependency and a limitation in regard to using melanoma cells as a model for melanocytes, especially when investigating the mechanism of endosomal Tyr transport.

ジャーナルInternational journal of molecular sciences
出版ステータスPublished - 2022 11月

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