Rock and sediment dataset of petit-spots in the northwestern Pacific

Norikatsu Akizawa, Naoto Hirano, Shiki Machida, Akira Ishikawa, Yuka Niwa, Gen Shimoda, Kazutaka Yasukawa, Kenji M. Matsuzaki, Chiori Tamura, Junji Kaneko

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Rock and sediment samples were collected from petit-spots in the northwestern Pacific. The sampling was conducted using deep-submergence vehicle (DSV) Shinkai 6500 and its mother ship, research vessel (RV) Yokosuka during YK20-14S and YK21-07S cruises. The collected rock samples are basalt and peperite. Some of the basalts include small mantle xenoliths (∼3 cm in diameter). The dataset of rock and sediment samples from the petit-spots located on >130 Ma northwestern Pacific plate are presented herein. The peperites are a reaction product between petit-spot magma and wet sediment, and the mantle xenoliths are fragmented mantle materials transported by the petit-spot magmas. Therefore, the petit-spot samples are of significant importance to elucidate modification process of the surface condition by petit-spot magma and to characterize the deep lithospheric mantle. The dataset presented herein provides in a sense a unique insight into the whole Pacific plate just before its subduction beneath the Japan arc.

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出版ステータスPublished - 2022 12月

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