Securevision: An open-source user-customizable image encryption program

Mehrdad Shahmohammadi Beni, Hiroshi Watabe, Kwan Ngok Yu

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Data security has become indispensable, with a view to keep sensitive information confi-dential. One important method is through image encryption, upon which features in an image would no longer be visible. The original image with its features could only be restored upon decryption using a set of keys. There are prestigious works in the literature regarding image encryption. However, there is a lack of easy-to-use, GUI-based, user-customizable computer programs for image encryption. In the present work, we developed a GUI-based image encryption and decryption program with server file transfer support, namely, SecureVision. A custom-made random number generator using the equation of an ellipse was developed to randomly shuffle the pixel positions. SecureVision was found to be robust, user-friendly and fast in both encryption and decryption. The program was highly sensitive to the supplied keys, which prevented brute-force attacks. SecureVision provided full user control, where users could modify the program modules to match their desired applications, which was particularly desirable for pedagogical purposes in that interested parties had the freedom to explore the concept of image encryption and decryption. SecureVision is distributed under a GPLv3 license, which would allow everyone to use, modify and distribute the program without any restriction.

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出版ステータスPublished - 2021 9月 1

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