Selective uptake properties of metal ions by hybrid microcapsules enclosed with TBP

Y. Wu, M. Outokesh, Hitoshi Mimura, Y. Niibori

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The granulation of TBP extractant is effective for the enhancement of uptake efficiency. The granulation was accomplished by microencapsulating techniques using alginate gel polymers (alginate and alginic acid gel polymers; calcium alginate, barium alginate and nitric alginate (CaALG, BaALG and HALG)). The characterization of hybrid microcapsules was examined by SEM/EPMA, and the uptake properties and the selectivity of various nuclides, Fe(III), Sr(II), Co(II), U(VI) and Pu(IV), were examined by batch methods. A relatively high uptake (%) of Fe(III), Sr(II) and Co(II) above 80% was obtained in the presence of 10-3 M HNO3, and the uptake equilibrium was attained within 5 h. The uptake rate of U(VI) and Pu(IV) attained equilibrium within 1 h and 3 h, respectively. At higher HNO3 concentration ranging from 10-3 M to 5 M, the uptake (%) of Fe(III), Sr(II) and Co(II) was considerably lowered. In contrast, the uptake (%) of U(VI) and Pu(IV) about 60% was obtained even in the presence of 5 M HNO3. The uptake of U(VI) for MCs (TBP-CaALG) was governed by the extraction with TBP micro droplets and ion-exchange reaction in the CaALG matrices. Energy dispersive spectra (EDS) showed that U(VI) ions were incorporated into both phases of TBP and CaALG in microcapsules.

ジャーナルProgress in Nuclear Energy
出版ステータスPublished - 2008 3月

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