Synthesis and photophysical properties of a charm-bracelet type C 60-grafted PPV derivative

Yu Chen, Tatsuro Midorikawa, Jinrui Bai, Yin Liu, Yasuyuki Araki, Osamu Ito

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Synthesis and photophysical properties of a new soluble C 60-grafted PPV polymer have been described. Fluorescence quenching of the PPV moiety in C60-grafted PPV polymer was observed, suggesting the energy- and/or electron transfer within the polymer. The fluorescence decay profiles at around 500 nm of this polymer both in chloroform and benzonitrile display a single exponential decay giving the fluorescence lifetimes of 1.10-1.27 ns, which are slightly shorter than that of PPV (about 1.50 ns). The nanosecond transient absorption band of C60-grafted PPV polymer was observed at 740 nm corresponded to the excited triplet state of C60, which decreased in benzonitrile, indicating the existence of the extra decay path of the singlet excited state of the C60 other than intersystem crossing. Upon heating this polymer exhibits typical semilunar liquid crystalline texture, being closely associated with its polymeric structure with long solubilizing alkoxy side chains.

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