Synthesis and property of HNbWO6/Pt layered nanocomposite photocatalyst

Jihuai Wu, Yu Lin, Miaoliang Huang, Jianming Lin, Yunfang Huang, Shu Yin, Sato Tsugio

研究成果: ジャーナルへの寄稿学術論文査読

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HNbWO6 was prepared by calcining stoichiometric mixture of Li2CO3, WO3 and Nb2O5 followed by ion exchange reaction with HNO3. HNbWO6/Pt layered nanocomposite photocatalyst was synthesized by successive reaction of HNbWO6 with n-PrNH2 and [Pt(NH3)4]Cl2 under UV light irradiation. The influence of different preparation methods on property of HNbWO6/Pt was compared. The results of XRD, DRS (diffuse reflectance spectrum), ICP(inductivity coupled plasma) and specific surface area measuremtents for the samples indicated that, for HNbWO6/Pt, the gallery height was 0.3 ∼ 0.5 nm, the band gap energy was 2.25 ∼ 3.10 eV. Under irradiation with λ >290 nm from a Hg lamp of 450 W for 5 h, about 40 ml of hydrogen was produced from 1 250 ml of methanol solution(10%) containing 1 g of dispersed HNbWO6/Pt.

ジャーナルChinese Journal of Catalysis
出版ステータス出版済み - 2001


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