Technical note: Potential to use shape memory alloy in timber dowel-type connections

Wen Shao Chang, Satoru Murakami, Kohei Komatsu, Yoshikazu Araki, Kshitij Shrestha, Toshihiro Omori, Ryosuke Kainuma

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The aim of this article is to demonstrate the potential of using shape memory alloy (SMA) as a dowel in timber connection to provide a recenterable effect and higher energy dissipation capacity. Two dowel-type timber connections were fabricated for double shear tests under cyclic loadings. The results not only showed that the timber connection with SMA dowel has a good recentering effect, but also has a higher energy dissipation capacity that will outperform the steel-doweled connection in the long term and constant vibration in structures. This article also calls for the need to investigate how this system can be used in conjunction with normal steel dowels and to develop a stronger SMA to satisfy the strength and stiffness requirements of timber connections.

ジャーナルWood and Fiber Science
出版ステータスPublished - 2013 7月

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